I'm currently attempting to animate backdrops. I am successful however the whole concept truly kills my cpu usage and slows down the project considerably.

Here is an example of the code I use. The beginsprite script is as follows...

global earth1
global earth2
global earth3
global earth4
global earth5
(through global earth240. I omitted some of this to save you guys reading time ; )

on beginsprite me
earth1 = member("earth0001").image
earth2 = member("earth0002").image
earth3 = member("earth0003").image
earth4 = member("earth0004").image
earth5 = member("earth0005").image

then the on exitframe event handler has the same global variables but looks like this.....

on exitFrame me
go to the frame
if gCuepointPassedCount >= 1 AND gCuepointPassedCount <= 20 then
gCurrentImageObject = string("earth" & gCuepointPassedCount)
gCurrentTexture = member("sun").newTexture("earth",#fromImageObj ect, value(gCurrentImageObject))
gCuepointPassedCount = gCuepointPassedCount + 1
member("sun").camera[1].addBackdrop(gCurrentTexture, point(0, 0), 0)
sprite(1).camera.backdrop[1].scale = 2.0
end if
on cuePassed me, whichChannel, cuePointNumber, cuePointName
if cuepointname = "cuepoint02" then
gCuepointPassedCount = 1
end if
end cuePassed

so just in case you can't follow, which I pretty much can't if I'm away from it for too long (hehe), here's a small explanation.

1. creates the texture with the image object
2. creates backdrop
3. scales it from 320 * 240 to 640 * 480
4. loops around, deletes texture and removes previous backdrop....then it starts however except it goes on to use the next bitmap in the sequence.

I mean damn, it seems simple enough right?
So I guess my question is, is there a way to animate backdrops with this kind of detail without killing everyone's computer?
Whethet it'd be to somehow lower the bit depth of the bitmaps.......or something. I think I tried everything. If you guys no of any answers, let me know.
Thanks in advance. : )
I love director *sob*

BTW, you can see an example of the project at [url][/url] but you have to wait until the cuepoint before the animation takes place. The animation only goes up to about bitmap 20 in the sequence.