For anyone who missed the announcement about our Flash MP3 Player extension:

We are pleased to announce the CMX MP3 Player extension for Flash MX 2004.
This component enables you to load and play external MP3 audio files from an
XML playlist. Features include track info display (title, artist), elapsed
and remaining time, audio scrubber, volume slider, and playlist navigation.
The total size of the compiled player is only 18 kilobytes. In addition, the
player uses the v2 component broadcaster/listener event model, so you can
easily customize it using the methods, properties, and events of the
MP3Player class.

See it in action here: [url][/url]

The CMX MP3 Player extension is $25 for non-subscribers, and absolutely free
to Community MX members.

If you're still wanting more, here is our content from the past week.

CMX JumpStart: Vegas
Stephanie Sullivan, Linda Rathgeber

Las Vegas, entertainment capital of the world, inspired this exciting
JumpStart design. As with all the JumpStarts, you can use and modify the
design in any way you see fit, for commercial work or otherwise.
Two pages, a home page and contact page, are included in this JumpStart.
Both pages feature a fixed width, centered design using a faux column
technique. The home page includes a customizable Flash Slideshow component
that includes a demonstration of images loaded using an XML file. This
JumpStart features the cutting edge and accessible sIFR technique. sIFR
allows you to use any font currently on your computer to create your
headings. The contact page features a styled form using fieldset and legend.
The pages are constructed using valid XHTML 1.0 markup and formatted using
valid CSS 2 styling. We provide an extensively commented style sheet so you
know what each piece does and how to change it to suit your design. Vegas
also follows the WAI and Section 508 accessibility guidelines to provide you
with a solid foundation for your work and give your users the best
experience possible.
We've included the PNG file used to create the layout so you can adapt it
with your own look and colors. It features masks that allow you to easily
replace our graphics with your own, enabling you to adapt this design for
any number of uses or clients. It includes the CMX Flash Slideshow component
and the graphic and code techniques used to create Vegas are explained fully
in the 13 tutorials that we've included in your download. Those techniques
that are not covered in the bundle are explained here, providing you with
not only a robust template, but a learning tool giving you insite into the
web design process as well.
If you'd like a more detailed look at the Vegas Jumpstart, as well as seeing
a modified Vegas design, check out Sheri German's
[url][/url] CMX JumpStart Vegas: An

Introducing Jumpstart Vegas [FREE]
Sheri German

We proudly introduce CMX JumpStart Vegas, designed by Fireworks expert Linda
Rathgeber, and coded by CSS guru Stephanie Sullivan. Vegas includes a Flash
slideshow, FlashObjects JavaScript for accessibility, sIFR for using custom
fonts on your pages, a form with an often requested complex layout, and a
golden design that does justice to the town that never sleeps. It's all
there, ready for you to adapt it for your own sites.

The Basics of Sound in Flash MX 2004 - Part 2
Tom Green

Maybe Hillman Curtis was on to something when he stressed to any Flash
developer that would listen: "Pay attention to the pipe". With sound, you
can clog the pipe even before you open Flash!
In the previous article in this series I dealt with the basics of sound in
Flash. In this one, we move to the next step in the process - importing
sound and working with it in a variety of locations ranging from the Library
to the Property inspector.

Creating a Search Engine with iSearch
Sheri German

If you have always wanted to add a search engine to your site, and didn't
know how to program one yourself, you might want to download and install
iSearch, a ready-made PHP and MySQL driven application that performs
searches right on your own server. This tutorial will take you through the
installation and the customization (of the style sheet and header and footer
includes) of iSearch.

Importing PNG Files with Masks and Transparency Info into Flash
Derrick Ypenburg

Masking images in Flash can sometimes be a frustrating task. I find you
cannot mask an image in Flash as well as you can mask an image in Photoshop
or Fireworks. Masks in Flash do work well for creating certain effects, but
for masking images that need a transparent background around detailed
shapes, especially images that require feathering around their edges, Flash
just doesn't cut it.
What's the solution then? Well Photoshop and Fireworks have much more
powerful tools and masking capabilities. Plus, they can both export files in
PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format. PNG files are capabele of retaining
the mask and transparency information of an image.

Using Skip Nav Links [FREE]
Zoe Gillenwater

Have you ever been to a web site and noticed a mysterious link at the very
top that says "skip navigation" or "skip to main content"? Perhaps not -
most web developers don't use skip nav links to improve the accessibility of
their pages. Skip nav links, also known as skip navigation or jump to
content links, allow many different types of users to get right to the
content on your site that they are looking for. This article will explain
why you ought to be in the minority of web developers who do include skip
nav links in their web pages and how to do it. If you are already committed
to creating accessible web pages, read this article to learn about one of
your tools to do so.

Announcing the Flash Platform [FREE]
Joey Lott

Read about the "State of Flash" in this discussion of Macromedia's
announcement of the Flash Platform. Learn about where the Flash Player can
be found, and how the Flash Player is supported by an entire platform of
related technologies. Additionally, read a brief overview of some of the new
features in the pending Flash Player, code named Maelstrom.

Data Binding in Flash MX 2004 - Part 3: Loading Text with the XMLConnector
Robert Reinhardt

Many designers and developers who use Flash want to know how to load text
from a text file and display it in a Flash movie at runtime. In this
tutorial, you learn how to store text in an XML file, load into a Flash
movie with the XMLConnector component, and bind the data to Label, TextArea,
and Loader components.

Best of Both Worlds: Open Source on OS X Tiger
Thomas Pletcher

Tiger is a great upgrade, but it requires some tweaking to maximize
everything on your system. This article shows you how to install or upgrade
the Fink package manager, so you can run all the latest Linux/open source
programs on your Mac. The article also addresses the Mac's unique position
in the open source world, and lists other alternatives developers have for
running open source apps.

A Business Card Template for Freehand
Kim Dudley

Presenting a professional image is always important when it comes to doing
business. One of the items that can help you do this are business cards.
Business cards play a big role in today's business. From a promotional item
to a contact reference, they can provide a big bang for your advertising
This article takes a look at business cards and discusses some of the
history and issues surrounding them. The supplied template will help you get
started with your own business cards and offers some information about
choosing from the numerous printing options.

Bill Horvath
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