WebAssist is proud to announce the release of WA Site Import.

WA Site Import allows designers to import any site, or any portion of any
site, from the Web right into Dreamweaver. This extension brings in all the
requested Web pages in a site as well as any dependent files, including
images, external CSS files, Flash movies, or JavaScript files. Once the site
is locally available, designers can explore the design, layout and structure
of the site whenever they want.

WA Site Import works with all kinds of Web sites - including those developed
with ASP, ColdFusion, PHP or even .NET. WA Site Import stores the browser
representation of any dynamic page, re-writing file names and URLs to
maintain links and site structure.

WA Site Import is regularly $99.99, but, for a limited time, forum members
can get it for $74.99 by following this link:


WA Site Import works with Dreamweaver MX and Dreamweaver MX 2004, on both
Windows and Macintosh.

Please note that this extension is also sold as part of WA Dynamic Site 101;
previous owners of that product, particularly Mac developers, should visit
WebAssist, login and download the new version from their Order History.

WA Site Import is also available through the DevNet Subscription program as
part of the just released DRK 13.

Finally, if you're attending TODCon, you might want to wait a couple of days
before thinking of purchasing :-). (It's not too late to join us at TODCON
in Vegas, [url]www.todcon.org[/url].)

Best - Joe