We have just released a new product, MX Site Search, meant to help web
developers and designers create
a search form in their dynamic sites.


With a simple Command, a Server Behavior and an Advanced Site Search
Recordset, MX Site Search will
allow you to create the search form and page in about 15 minutes, with no
need for manual coding!

Search in multiple tables
MX Site Search enables you to search through multiple database tables. In
fact, you connect to your
website database and then you select the tables and the corresponding
fields that are to be searched

You can also add an SQL WHERE condition that will limit your search,
allowing you to display for
example only the items that should be visible on the website.

Full text and normal text indexing
MX Site Search enables you to choose whether you want your search to be
configured using full-text or
normal text indexing.

For MySQL and PostgreSQL, you can use the database support for fulltext
index, dramatically increasing
the perfomance for large databases.

We also provide regular search support for Access and other databases.

Relevant results
When configuring the Site Search, you can tune your tables and fields
priorities, and thus you can
customize the results to match your exact needs.

Highlight results with CSS file
The searched keywords are highlighted in the results. By default, they are
displayed with bold, red
font. However, you can change the highlighting manner by editing the
corresponding CSS file.

Advanced search with boolean expressions
MX Site Search supports advanced search with boolean operators like AND
and OR. Having this feature,
the visitors will be able to search by a certain expression using quotes.
For example: "dynamic
website" will search for occurrences of the entire expression, while
dynamic website will apply the OR
boolean operator.

You can find more information on MX Site Search here:


Alexandro Colorado
Support Engineer
InterAKT Online
Tel: 40(21) 312.5312