It's been a long time since I've posted in this forum ... But let's hope
I'm not completely forgotten :)

We've just released a new product for Dreamweaver - MX Navigation Pack -
designed to help your site visitors navigate with ease!

You know how important is website navigation, especially when listing
dynamic records. Perfectly integrated with Dreamweaver, MX Navigation
Pack wizards will prove life savers when organizing and navigating
through your dynamic pages.

Take a closer look >>

We provide 4 different types of navigation
- Page navigation - organize your records into pages and insert slim
navigation buttons to help you move around.
- Category navigation - you already have your products divided into
categories. So why not navigate through your categories and list all
your products with a simple click?
- A to Z navigation - index your records to make them easier to
navigate and create your own glossary of terms.
- Records navigation - Simple but effective, this wizard will insert
the buttons to help you get to the entry you needed.

Everything is skinable with CSS, and generated using OOP techniques -
simple code for PHP_MySQL, PHP_ADODB, ASP VBScript and ColdFusion.

Read more on these features:

I hope you'll like it,