To all:

As you can see some of our Savvy readers have already found it... The
Developer Center is open for business. Here is some pertinent info for you:

Fireworks Developer Center

This is the newest product Developer Center, and it joins our other
centers including Dreamweaver, Flash and the Studio. It contains over 60
pieces of content including sample files, articles and tutorials about
using and extending product, and web design in general.

This month’s featured articles:
“Top 10 Reasons to Love Fireworks MX 2004” by Kim Cavanaugh
“Fireworks MX 2004 Styles Sample Files” by Richard Blenkinsopp

It’s a great resource for Fireworks veterans and novice users alike.

We hope you enjoy this new resource!

mark haynes
fireworks product team liaison
macromedia customer care
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