First off: I dislike newsgroup spammers as much as next man, so I
honestly apologize for breaching the rules myself.

However, I’m not an anonymous, but a webdesigner/webmaster who has found
an absolutely fantastic utility, and I believe that any colleague who
takes his job seriously will be interested in looking into this.

Advanced Web Ranking is a tool that allows you to search about 150
international, major search engines using as many search phrases you
like and gathering the ranking for as many websites you want.

It presents the results in graphs, lists and also shows the other top
websites found with the same search criterion. You can save the search
as a “project” and re-use it as many times as you wish, thereby keeping
track of the rank evolution from day to day, week to week or any other
time span you prefer.

The application is developed by Caphyon Ltd and comes in two versions:
Standard and Professional. The Standard version is US$49 and the
Professional US$99. And it works on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and Solaris.

If you are interested, you are free to take it for a 15 days test drive.
No strings attached. No "sign up" or "Give us your mail address". No
pop-ups. Just download and install.

If you then find it as essential as I did, you can buy a license through
my site 10% cheaper than from the developer. :-)

Here’s the URL: [url][/url]

If you believe search engine ranking is pertinent, if you think client
service will add value to your business, try it out. You have nothing to

All the best,