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ANN: - Macromedia Fireworks

To those who visit or link, is now closed. Thanks to all those who encouraged me to get things done for Fireworks users. Richie Bee...

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    Default ANN:

    To those who visit or link, is now closed.

    Thanks to all those who encouraged me to get things done for Fireworks

    Richie Bee

    Richie Guest

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    Default Re:

    Thanks for the heads up Richie.... just visited the site. The stats are
    quite impressive. Too much of a good thing and all :o( but quite
    understandable in terms of overage charges.

    Thanks for keeping a candle in the window for as long as you did.

    Hopefully the new year finds you and yours warm, safe, and happy in all
    other respects.

    All the best,

    P.S. You DO realize you are not off the hook for posting informational and
    inspirational tidbits HERE don't you ;o)

    "Richie Bee" <ca> wrote in message

    Sam Guest

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    Default Re:

    Richie Bee wrote: 

    I'm sorry you had to close the site. It was an excellent resource.

    Al Sparber - PVII
    Dreamweaver Extensions - DesignPacks - Tutorials - Books
    The PVII Newsgroup | news://
    The CSS Newsgroup | news://

    Al Guest

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    Default Re: ANN:

    On Thu 08 Jan 2004 12:03:01p, Richie Bee wrote in macromedia.fireworks:

    First, a big huge *thank you* for all you do for the groups. More than
    once I've sat here slack-jawed at the graphics you knock out with casual

    If the issue is one of bandwidth and pricing, I have a client who is hosted
    by a small company in New Hampshire who offer 100M of disk and unlimited
    bandwidth for US$14.95/mo or 164.45/yr (CA$19.30 or 212.27 at current
    rates). Let me know if you're interested.
    Joe Guest

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    Default Re: ANN:

    Richie Bee wrote:

    Just read the stats page. Are you saying that because of the level of
    traffic, your host refuses to continue with it, or it's become too
    expensive to operate? Either way, it's shame - you've offered a great
    resource. Thank you!

    John Guest

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    Default Re: ANN:

    Richie Bee wrote:

    Noooooo! (Wailing and gnashing of teeth). I'm sorry to see it go,
    Richard. I hope you'll still be visiting the forum.

    Linda Rathgeber
    Design Aid: 10-Palette Pack for Fireworks & Flash
    Playing with Fire |
    Victoriana | Theme Pack 03 - Club |
    Team MM Fireworks Volunteer |

    Linda Guest

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    Default Re: ANN:

    "Linda Rathgeber" <> wrote in message

    Either that or we're going to have to plan a roadtrip and camp out on his
    porch. I think I still have my six person tent.... anyone have any
    marshmallows? ;o)


    Sam Guest

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    Default Re: ANN:

    In message <btk374$1mg$>, Richie Bee
    <ca> writes 
    Forgive me but this seems a little perverse...

    You put up a website that you hope others will visit (presumably)
    Rapidly others do visit, so I assume you have something to offer of
    value to them

    Traffic increases

    You close the site

    If you are getting so much traffic you can't afford the charges, then I
    would be looking for cheaper hosting, and/or putting some adverts or
    revenue making links on the site to pay for the hosting, not retract the

    On the other hand, Macromedia ought to find a way of supporting its
    supporters... What would it cost them to run a free server for its
    extension writers use if they need hosting. Say, free hosting for every
    1000 extension downloads or some such... Just a thought

    Best wishes

    Tim Guest

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    Default Re:

    Richie Bee wrote:
    || To those who visit or link, is now closed.
    || Thanks to all those who encouraged me to get things done for
    || Fireworks users.


    This is indeed very sad news.
    I wish you and yours all the best and hope you won't dissapear from the

    I don't quite understand how this can happen, but I dare say there is more
    to this than meets the eye.

    Good luck.

    Peter R.

    Peter Guest

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    Default Re: ANN:


    Like the others I'll certainly miss your great resources. I hope you'll
    still be around here to continue lending a hand.

    I can certainly appreciate how something that you start doing mostly for
    fun can turn into a drain on your time as well as your wallet.

    All the best!


    Kim Cavanaugh
    author, Beginner's Guides to Dreamweaver and Fireworks
    Extending Knowledge, Daily
    Team Macromedia Volunteer for Fireworks:

    Kim Guest

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    Default Re:

    Peter R sez:
    " I don't quite understand how this can happen, but I dare say there is
    more to this than meets the eye."

    Send 'em my way.....I'll put a hurtin' on them!!!!

    Don't be scarce RichieBee


    Peter R wrote: 
    Bill Guest

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    Default Re:

    Thanks to you all for your kind words. There is more to this than a hosting
    problem. Kim pretty much hit the nail on the head... it's a time commitment
    as well as financial.

    I have a tendency in life to switch my focus every few years... and this
    has happened. Music has once again become a very signficant part of my life
    now that I have broken deeply into the local music community (only took me 4
    years living in Canada to do so!).


    Richie Guest

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    Default Re:

    Richie Bee wrote: 

    Well, good luck with your new endeavors Rich and thank you very much for
    your involvment in the Fireworks community.

    I wouldn't mind a little more music in my life again myself but, after
    living and breathing it in various original bands for over 15 years,
    I've been disconnected from the Montreal/Quebec music scene for quite a
    while now. My last band's demise was rather unpleasant and left a bitter
    taste in my mouth so I was quite happy to take a break from music for a
    while... but now I hunger for it again.

    Again, good luck and visit us when you can! :-)

    Stéphane Bergeron

    Stéphane Guest

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    Default Re:

    Richie Bee wrote: 


    I bid you well in your renewed musical endeavor. Many times, new doors
    open while others close, and we must adjust accordingly. Follow your

    John Guest

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    Default Re:

    Yeah man!!

    Congrats- Perhaps we can play together sometimes!!


    Richie Bee wrote: 
    Bill Guest

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    Default Re: ANN: C'est dommage

    It is a pity that a valuable resource has to close...

    If the issue is cost - provides hosting 333MB, 5GB/transfer/mo, LAMP software, for $60/US per year rock solid service and 98%++ uptime. Your second site and all after cost $40/year.

    However, I suspect the issue is not cost but Time and ROI. I have a site which is growing very nicely but I still have not found a way to make it a paying proposition. I use Google Adsense and Amazon referrals. But do not want to be a stallking billboard. I promote my own consulting services on two menu items. But business generated is VERY LOW and SLOW. So now when I go to sites that offer free services I go a little extra to see if I can a)use any of their paying service; b)refer them to my clients and customers.

    So for now my website is just a glorified resume. Hopefully as it grows I will be able to make it pay for itself and then maybe bring in a bit of retirement income. But if NYTimes. Wall Street Journal, ZiffDavis, Fawcette, and CMP have had trouble make a go of general and Tech info publishing ... time not to quit your day job.


    jbsurv Guest

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    Default Re: ANN:

    This is of course *very bad news* Richie. I'll make note of it on my
    site. I only hope you will make your resources available somewhere else.
    If you like to, I have plenty of space for a separate Richiebee section
    - even if it won't be updated anymore.


    Richie Bee wrote: 

    Coen Guest

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    Default Re: ANN:

    That is a nice offer Coen, and I'll think about it... it certainly is an
    option to give my stuff to someone else to look after.


    "Coen Naninck" <net> wrote in message

    Richie Guest

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    Default Re:

    Sure... any time you're touring in Newfoundland, let me know and we can
    jam... (tongue firmly in cheek - no one tours in Newfoundland!).


    "Bill Ray" <com> wrote in message

    Richie Guest

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    Default Re:

    On Tue, 13 Jan 2004 13:54:49 -0330, "Richie Bee" <ca>

    Hey, now, my husband and I are planning on doing just that in the
    summer of 2005 (we already have commitments for 2004).

    Of course, he has family there -- so does that count?

    Win Day, Multimedia Developer
    Words Plus
    Win Guest

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