The French versions, F1.7.1, of Thoth are now available at

And maybe soon on one of the mirrors :


Thoth is a new newsreader from Brian Clark, author of the awesome
YA-NewsWatcher newsreader, below. Thoth, however, is fully carbonized
for use on Mac OS 8.x/9.x (with CarbonLib 1.0.4 or later installed) or
Mac OS X. Thoth has all the features that made YA-NW so great,
including an attractive user interface, power-user preferences,
automatic FAQ retrieval, queued article and header downloads, quoted
text coloring, reference-based article threading (with a handy view of
the thread available while you're reading its posts), multi-threaded
connection to the news server (up to 4 connections), sophisticated
filtering with regex support, comprehensive multiple character set
support, binary posting and built-in binary viewing, finely integrated
support for multiple news servers (even simultaneously ) - and, like
YA-NW, hundreds of other small features too numerous to mention here.
Thoth is an astounding piece of work, worthy of the "Essential" apple
in every sense of the award. It is, arguably, the finest Usenet
newsreader available on any platform. Thoth is under very active
development, and costs $25 (shareware).

Jean-Pierre Kuypers