Orchestrate the moods or your day: coming to grips with being awake,
work, unwinding, romance. Be the disk jockey and still enjoy the party.
Use your Mac as your own in house 'radio station' with your selection of
music from your iTunes library, music and news from Internet radio, that
special you don't want to forget and miss. Track Timer Plus works with
iTunes to let you have the music and information you want at the time
you specify. Just make your plans for an hour, a day, the month, it's up
to you. Change them any time, it's trivial. Using Track Timer Plus is as
easy as typing in your selections, then scheduling them with a few
clicks and keystrokes. Change your plans? Just a few more clicks and

Track Timer Plus is a bundled package consisting of Track Timer, a free
AppleScript script that interfaces with iTunes, and Apps & More Software
Design's stable, low impact scheduling application, Script Timer. Using
the full features and flexibility of Script Timer, you can schedule
Track Timer (or any other script or application for that matter) to run
at any time of the day on a daily, weekly, weekdays only, monthly, or
one time basis as well as at regular time intervals ranging from minutes
to weeks. You simply provide Track Timer with a play list of music,
audio streams, or both and the single track or multiple tracks you want
to hear in any order, and it takes care of controlling iTunes. You can
even ask for a random track or tell Track Timer to instruct iTunes to
shuffle the lot. And you can schedule any number of play lists at any
number of times, specifying a different sound level for each if you want.

If you are already a Script Timer user, you know how unobtrusive and
easy it is to use. If you are a newcomer, you'll find you can use it to
schedule a lot more than music.

Track Timer Plus is available in two versions, Track Timer Plus for Mac
OS X, and Track Timer Plus Classic for Mac OS 9. The former consists of
the Track Timer script and Script Timer 2.0.1, and the latter consists
of the Track Timer script and Script Timer 1.2.

System Requirements

Track Timer Plus for Mac OS X: Mac OS X 10.1 or higher and any OS X
version of iTunes
Track Timer Plus Classic for Mac OS 9: Mac OS 9.2 and iTunes 2.04

Pricing and Availability

Track Timer Plus is available for immediate download at
<http://www.appsandmore.com>. Just click on the Shareware and Freeware
button, then click on the Track Timer Plus link. For registered users of
Script Timer, and those already trying out Script Timer, the Track Timer
script is available separately at the same location.

Track Timer Plus is trialware, with unregistered copies being fully
functional for 30 days after first use. Track Timer Plus is made
permanent by registering the bundled copy of Script Timer. The Track
Timer script itself is complimentary to registered Script Timer users.

Registration fees for Script Timer 2.0 are US$12 for a single copy and
for Script Timer 1.2 are US$10 for a single copy. Registered users are
eligible for free email support and receive additional scripts upon

Donald S. Hall, Ph.D.
Apps & More Software Design, Inc.
don at appsandmore dot com
"Schedule your AppleScripts with Script Timer"