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The release candidate for DBD::Pg 1.40 is now available. This release
has a very large number of changes and new features, so if you use
Perl and PostgreSQL, please try it out on your platform. A tarball can
be found here:


Project information, including cvs instructions:


This version supports many of the newer PostgreSQL features, including
prepared statements, SQLSTATE codes, error levels, and server tracing.

The complete Change list from the last version (1.32):

- Added $dbh->func($filehandle, `server_trace`) [Greg Sabino Mullane]
- Added $dbh->{pg_errorlevel}. [Greg Sabino Mullane]
- Fix utf8 quote() support [Dominic Mitchell <domsemantico.com>]
- Added explicit support for types SQL_BOOLEAN, DATE, TIME,
TIMESTAMP, and TIMESTAMPTZ. Return correct values for
DATEOID and TIMEOID. [Greg Sabino Mullane]
- Added tablespace support for table_info and primary_key_info.
[Greg Sabino Mullane]
- Added new attributes to $dbh: pg_db, pg_user, pg_pass,
pg_host, pg_port, pg_options, pg_socket, pg_pid
[Greg Sabino Mullane]
- Minor fixes in quote.c, dbdimp.c, and types.h
[Christophe Martin: schplurtz at free.fr]
- Added support for SQLSTATE via $dbh->state and $sth->state
[Greg Sabino Mullane]
- Major overhaul of prepare/execute to handle new server-side
prepare system. See Pg.pm for details. [Greg Sabino Mullane]
- Make the tests honor the DBD_SCHEMA variable instead of
assuming that the "public" schema is available.
[Rainer Weikusat]
- dbdimp.c cleanups: better error messages, ensure commit
is only called once after a transaction fails.
[Alexey Slynko]
- primary_key() returns empty list not undef if no match.
[Julian Mehnle]
- Added the pg_protocol database handle attribute
[Greg Sabino Mullane]
- Changed "noprefix" to pg_noprefix

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Greg Sabino Mullane [email]gregturnstep.com[/email]
PGP Key: 0x14964AC8 200412211822



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