Hey all,

I am looking for a little help. A couple of months ago I purchased a Dell 8250 desktop running
Windows XP on a single hard drive- 60GB Maxtor. I have since added a second hard drive, 80 GB
Western Digital. I wish to load RedHat Linux 9 on this second disk and be able to dual boot between
the two.

I originally loaded Linux on the second drive, /dev/hdb. GRUB was installed in the NBR on the first
disk. Upon rebooting the screen showed the word "GRUB" and was unresponsive. I was able to use a
boot diskette and get into Linux. I looked at the grub.conf file and uncommented /dev/hda. I
rebooted and this time saw Grub 1.5 stage and the error was 21.

There was mention of an earlier post that this could be a BIOS problem. I looked in the BIOS and
there was a listing Primary hard drive 1 [something]
Primary hard drive 2 [nothing]

could this be the problem??

I then found an article on the internet, that mentioned using the Windows boot loader to boot both
OSs. I loaded the Windows XP cd, and ran Fixmbr to clean up the MBR. I then booted using my linux
diskette and then installed GRUB on the second hard drive. The HOWTO mentioned mounting a diskette
as msdos, and using dd to copy the first part of the second hard drive into a file on the diskette
called linux.bin. Then rebooting under windows. Copy the linux.bin file from the diskette into the
C:\ directory. I then edited the boot.ini file and added the following line to the end of the file:

C:\linux.bin="Redhat Linux 9"

Upon removing the diskette and rebooting, I saw the option to boot "Windows XP" or "Redhat Linux 9".
Choosing Windows boots Windows up fine. Chossing Linux, I am back to the screen being unresponsive
with the word "GRUB" in the upper left hand corner..................

Any suggestions or ideas?????