I've got a new Mac and a non-AOL cable broadband connection, and bought an
iSight to go with it. It's an awesome webcam, but all of my family pretty
much use Windows PC's and AOL. I can text chat with them (using my .Mac
address), but haven't found any way to audio chat or video chat.

I am wondering if there's any chat clients on the PC that I could install
on their PC's to permit audio and/or video chat with my iSight/iChat AV
setup. Also, are there any webcam's and bundled software that are
available for PC's that would interoperate with iSight/iChat AV?

If there are no PC-based clients currently available, I'm curious about
whether the reason is that iChat AV is just too new, and the PC world
needs time to develop interoperable programs, or whether the video/audio
technology is deliberately "closed" in some way that makes it unlikely
that PC-based interoperability will ever happen.

If the latter, I'll be inclined to sell my iSight, boot iChat AV from my
system, and adopt some third-party solution that allows me access to my
non-Mac friends and family. If the former, I'll be patient ;-)

TIA for any info.