I am still learning to use Emacs, so be kind. ;-)

I have been able to use Emacs to edit, run and debug Perl. I can use
it to work with C++ and fortran (but have yet to explore how to build,
run and execute C++ and fortran - I don't think that will take long
once I get a round to it). More critical is that I want to develop my
SQL scripts using it. It seems Emacs automaggically recognises the
programming language I am using, which tells me that I have Emacs
configured correctly (e.g. to use cperl-mode when working with Perl

I can edit my SQL code in it, and take advantage of the code
hi-lighting, but I have yet to figure out how to submit my code to
MySQL from within Emacs and use Emacs to work with any errors I have
made. I have been able to connect to MySQL from within Emacs, but when
I do so, the menus and submenus change in such a way that it isn't
clear how to proceed.

Does anyone know of a quick, simple tutorial that will make working
with SQL within Emacs, and with MySQL as the back end, more intuitive?