I have a website (localhost namespace : "whatever") that has a secure
application folder ( called secure with a namespace : "Secure")

I have a class in "whatever" that is a pagebase class, so that all
pages inheriting from whatever.pagebase will look the same ( template

but the pages in secure that inherit from whatever.pagebase are not
being displayed I get the error : The type or namespace name
'PageBase' does not exist in the class or namespace '<whatever>' (are
you missing an assembly reference?)

I cannot be missing a reference I'm in the same assembly
and i'm using "using whatever"

when I change the application back to a folder , and refresh the page
everything is displayed properly.

I even tried to make a classlibrary which contains only the pagebase
class and added the reference to another project , same problem can't
display in application mode but in folder mode no problem.