I have built pop-up menus previously with DW-MX. I'm now trying to do it again for a differnet site and it is freaking out on me. I have read TechNote#16462 and that isn't the problem...

1st some background:
1. the images that activate the menus are named.
2. the error doen't always come up. Sometimes I can build a complete menu and sub-menus for a nav button, then try to start on the next nav button, and this appears:

"unable to restore selection after making edits in "applyBehavior". Try making edits in smaller steps, and don't delete the selected object. The action will not be added to your doent."

I was able to close the asp file, re-open it and start on the next button with no problem. Now it won't let me build a menu at all.

Have tried it on 2 diffrent machines. Same results.

I would really like to get this done. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.