From reading numerous posts on snapping layers it looks like I need to
remember 3 things:
1) Apply SNAP to <body> tag, onLoad
2) " ReDoIt to <body>, onResize
3) " SNAP " , onResize

Is this right?

My problem is that I don't really have a <body> tag. I'm working with a
template and that tag is uneditable.

What I'm trying to do is: I have an image of a floor plan with hotspots on
it. This image is contained in a table, and when you mouse over on the
hotspots a picture with a caption appears in an adjacent cell. Each picture
is in a layer, and the layers are snapped to a clear image in the cell. Well
that's supposed to happen, anyway; the layers aren't snapping and on each
preview they appear in different areas of the page like they have minds of
their own.

Here is the code for the snap (onResize stuff not there yet because I need
to figure this out):
<div align="center"><img src="../images/layerimg.gif" name="layerimg"
width="120" height="200" id="layerimg" onload="P7_Snap
('layerimg','ITClass',0,0,'layerimg','RR101',0,0,' layerimg','Rm108',0,0,
'layerimg','Rm107',0,0,'layerimg','Rm109S',0,0,'la yerimg','Schafer',0,0,'lay
'layerimg','Stimson',0,0,'layerimg','mcnulty',0,0) ">

From what I gather this is considered floating snap code. My editable region
begins with a table, so do I just apply it to the table tag? Then again,
layers in a table is a big no-no, right?