I'm currently researching possible solutions and ideas to modernizing a company intranet site built with Server 2003, IIS 6, asp, Access and uses exectutables to initiate macros within the database and print reports to a pdf. This site does the typical business functions such as Sales, production, accounting, traffic, Inventory order mainetnance, Inquiries, etc.

I thought that sharepoint might be the way to go but it doesn't seem to have the relational database abilities. I'm also trying to avoid the cost of SQL server and large monthly cloud hosting fees but would consider it. Would SQL Server Express be useful or even necessary? Or should we just stick with Access and develope a new .NET site around that.

It would be great to develope this myself but my web development is limited though I would consider trying it. It would be great to do this on Server 2003 but a Web Server 2008 upgrade is well overdue.