Lets say I connected to an Access database and created an
sql and then created a drop down list.

strSQL = "SELECT tblEV3Location.Division,
tblEV3Location.Code FROM tblEV3Location
ORDER BY tblEV3Location.Division;"

set cars=adoCon.execute(strSQL)

<select name="Division">
<% 'Loop through the recordset to make each entry
in the list. %>
<% do while not cars.eof %>
<Option value = "<%= cars(1) %>"> <%= cars
(0) %></Option>

After the user selects a value from the drop-down, how do
I refer to it in coding? I want to use the user's value
to start another sql in the same table or to put that
value in a textbox. For the textbox idea, how would I do

Any help appreciated.