Hey guys,

Just want to thank you guys in advance. I am receiving a "library not
registered" error when I am running this code. I am not too sure why
this is happening. I don't get this on the "Server.CreateObject"

Here is the code:

set chtSpace = server.CreateObject("OWC11.ChartSpace")
set cht = chtSpace.Charts.add
set chtConstants = chtSpace.Constants
set chtSpace.DataSource = spdsht
cht.haslegend = false
cht.hastitle = true
cht.title.caption = "PASS VS FAIL GRAPH"
cht.title.font.size = 10
cht.title.font = "Arial"
cht.type = chtConstants.chChartTypeBarStacked100
set chtSeries = cht.seriescollection.add
myRange = wksht.range("A1:A" & asicCount).address(false,false)
chtSeries.setdata chtConstants.chDimCategories,
chtConstants.chDataBound, cstr(myRange)
myRange = wksht.range("B1:B" & asicCount).address(false,false)
chtSeries.setdata chtConstants.chDimValues, chtConstants.chDataBound,
chtSeries.interior.color = RGB(0,255,0)

It is failing on the last line "chtSeries.interior.color" I am unsure
of why this error is occcuring because this page was working before?
Any ideas would be helpful.