I have read the debugging doent created by M.K Park
(which has been referenced on this newsgroup), but
unfortunately, it has not helped with solving my problem.
I've spent time on the MS KB and searching Google.

When I login to our domain and try to use VS.NET, I cannot
debug web forms. It appears I don;t have permission to
debug on the server. Debugging was working at one time,
but it has since stopped working.

I'm running the following:
1. Windows 2000 Server SP3
2. VS.NET version 7.0.9466
3. .NET Framework Version 1.0.3705

I have enabled the ASP.NET debugging checkbox on
configuration properties. In addition, my web application
has been configured as an application in IIS 5.0 and has
both Anonymous & Windows Integrated Authentication checked.

My domain\username account is a member of the local
Administrators group & Debugger Users on my laptop. In
addition, I added the ASPNET user to the Administrators
group. As a last resort, I reset the username in
machine.config to my domain\username account with the
associated password and I still cannot get debugging

Does anyone have any othe ideas? Could Windows 2000
Service pack 3 have had any adverse affects?