Hi Friends

I am having problem in Event handling in ASP.NET.
Let me tell you what I am doing, I have having DataGrid
for which I am using 'Dynamic addition of Template
controls'. For this I have set 'AutoGenerateColumns'
property as false. I am raising few events from the
Template controls e.g Text Chamged event of TextBox UI
control, and bubbling the same event to the Parent control
using 'RaiseBubbleEvent' method of Control class. I have
overriden 'OnBubbleEvent' method in my parent control to
catch the events raised by template controls. Now here I
am having problems.
1) I am not getting any child events in Parent control.
2) Even though I a have set EnableViewState property of
DataGrid to true, I am not able to see the DataGrid once I
do the round trip to server.

Can anybodu help me out in these problems.

Thanx in advanced