I create a pop up by generating a script, where in i call window.open(....)
and call RegisterClientScriptBlock from the code behind so that the client
side script is generated and calls my new pop up.

The pop up contains some check and text boxes to enable the data to apply
some settings to the parent page...

What is the .net way for returning this data? I currently set the user data
to cookies so that the settings are remembered, and then call window.close
and a window.opener.parent.orderscontrol.location.href from the code behind
via my mate, RegisterClientScriptBlock(), to refresh the parent window, but
have a feeling this isn't the best way to handle a "submit".

One issue that arises is the session variables for the parent are
terminated, i gather because i'm in effect, stopping the current parent
session and starting another.

Another is the cookie data seems all out of whack and think this is probably

Any comments on this?