Hi sohoni,

Have you installed latest SP on SQL Server. If so check
out this KB article...


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>I am storing session state on an SQL Server (2000). As
long as SQL Server is
>running session state is made available to pages. If SQL
Server is turned
>off and on again or machine is restarted (to simulate
crash), as soon as
>page tries to retrieve session state, an error page is
shown which mentions
>"SqlException: General Network Error. Check your network
doentation." I
>have checked that SQL Server has the session state data
stored and
>persisited. I have tried this with a machines which have
both SQL Server and
>IIS 5.0, IIS 6.0 and with different machines too.
>In .NET Framework 1.1 I have observed a new SQL Script
for installing SQL
>Database for ASP.NET session state
(InstallPersistSqlState.sql). I have tried
>with that too.
>What am I missing?
>Subodh Sohoni