Hopefully this question will have a quick "can't be done" or "read the
manual" answer.

I have a requirement for a client to send and receive an XML file via SOAP
to another SOAP compliant server.

Unfortunately the server at our end is a hosted server, so whilst we can
convince them to install the MS Soap Toolkit 3.0, they're not going to allow
us to have our own COM objects on there, and .net is not an option at the

Questions are:

1. Can I implement a "pure" ASP 3.0 SOAP server using something along the
lines of -- Server.CreateObject("SOAPServer.CSOAPServer") -- that can handle
a SOAP request with XML without a COM object?

2. Can I implement an ASP 3.0 SOAP client request to the remote server and
process the response ?

Pretty much all I've read suggests that I need to have a COM object to
process the request, with ASP merely acting as a listener, or to use .NET.
Neither of which I can use at this time.

If the answer is no then it will be done a different way.
If the answer is yes, then if anyone can point me to an example or give me
an idea of the best resource to read I would be most grateful.

Thanks for your time,
Larry Neylon.

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