I have a Flash player object embedded in one of my web pages. I want to
assign code to the OnReadyStateChange event for the object. Every
permutation of assign statements has not worked, and when I go into the
Microsoft script debugger, the object's OnReadyStateChange event property
still shows a value of "null".

I've tried adding it as an attribute of the <OBJECT> opening tag, finding
the object by ID on the fly and assigning the function to the
OnReadyStateChange property, etc, etc. Nothing works.

On top of which, I see a spontaneously generated event handler stub which
wasn't in the HTML coded in my HTML editor when I looked at the page, that
is empty and is bookcased by Javascript comment tags.

Does anyone know the exact syntax or steps for assigning your own Javascript
function as a handler for one of the properties belonging to a Flash object?



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