hi, i have installed db2 udb v8.1 with fixpack 2 on my machine, then
there is another machine installed same kind of server, so i am able
to discover that and try to attach to my server. once i do add
databse, i discover the remote database and put in alias name, but
after that it is always gives me error, i don't think there is problem
to attach the remote instance, and don't know why there is space after
DBDB name, but i didn't type in the database name myself, i discover
it by using the option.

i don't have this problem before i install fixpack2. please help.

IBM][CLI Driver] SQL30061N The database alias or database name
"DBDB " was not found at the remote node.


The database name is not an existing database at the remote
database node.

The statement cannot be processed.

User Response:

Resubmit the command with the correct database name or alias.

Federated system users: check to ensure that the entry in
SYSCAT.SERVERS correctly specifies the database name of the data

sqlcode : -30061

sqlstate : 08004