Hey. This is macwizard; I posted the "peer to peer" message in the
user group.

Thank you for the offer, and if you still want to tell me some great
places to get pro software like that that'd be great. However, I was
deciding between an eMac and a Dell, and I had to decide by yesterday,
August 13th. I am using these things because I am the designer and
future editor of the school newspaper. I can't afford even most
educational software because I'm only a junior in high school. I chose
the Dell because I talked to my computer animation teacher and we
decided that the Dell would run the pro apps just as well, if not
better than the Mac. Also, the Dell will be more upgradeable in the
future. However, if you know of a great place to find some quality
software, just tell me if you don't mind. Thank you so much again for
your willingness to help.

I tried Emailing you, but it returned to me.

Mike D