As I have no occasion (!) to use a text in director, know
I found that inserted fonts (media element) displays as squares
(if set to be anit-aliased)

Barry, I very wish a could make some option
in option menu, but I see the texts as squares..


You have the same ugly font effect I found in my (text tests) movie.
I just insert my favourite font (insert media element > font) and then
I use it to create a text cast member (font with "*"). Ok, when this
cast member is on stage and anti-alias switch in property inspector is
set to none > everythig is fine ( but text looks sharp). When anti-alias
is on -> SQUARES!! damm!

(btw. best fps engine I see around community, very sharp nice textures)
(can't wait to see option panel)
(run super smooth on my win2k 2Ghz Athlon GeForce2 MX)

What do you think Lingo brothers?


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