I am trying to construct a site and implement the <base = "."> attribute in the object and embed tags of the flash navigation, but it is not working as I expected.

My flash navigation movie sits in the root of the html directory. It is supposed to refer to html pages in individual subdirectories (such as "home", "guarantees") like this:


All fine and good.

The actionscript call in the flash movie looks like this:


When the button is pressed in flash, it should refer from the html directory, into the solutions directory, and find the "solutions_light.page" but instead it is trying to do this:


So the stupid thing is trying to include the flash movie filename in the path! Is this my error or is this a bug in Flash?

According to Macromedia, using <base = "."> means that "all the paths in the flash movie player are relative to the directory in which the movie file is located".

Many thanks for your help. I'll buy anyone a beer who can help me fix this.


John Bloor