It has to be something simple that makes Lens Magnify work some of the time
and not others.

I started off by drawing a simple design, then a rectangle as the lens. With
the rectangle selected I open up Fill> Lens> Magnify, select Centerpoint,
then drag the center point onto the simple design. At this point the image
appears within the rectangle.

Doing the same as above, but this time drawing a spiral path there is no
image appears inside the rectangle.

My objective is to have a page of business cards that are linked to a master
card where when a change is made it will appear changed in all of the other
cards. I followed the directions on Macromedia's site, but for some reason I
don't get the desired results--that's why I started experimenting with
simple designs and shapes.

I feel that I'm overlooking a basic principle of Lens Magnify, but have no
clue to what it is.

Is it me or Freehand MX?