We have a requirement for a requested application allows for the capability to perform full text search on doents that are produced by Oracle Report Developer in one of our systems. These doents are in a PDF format that is not compatible with the full text search feature in our IDM Content Services component. It has been determined that no changes can be made within Oracle Report Developer to create the version of the PDF report file that is required by the IDM Content Services application. I have been able to select the Adobe Printer and print to a file and this fie can be used in our IDM Content Services component. Does anyone know how I can do this in batch mode, I have about 20 reports that must be converted and would like to prevent the user from having to open each report and performing the print option on each one. Would like the job to be user free, they submit the job and the convert reports will be placed in a predefined folder.

Thanks for any help you can give