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There is a free batch processing add-in on Adobe Studio Exchange. Feel free to ask me for enhancements. <>...

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    There is a free batch processing add-in on Adobe Studio Exchange. Feel free to ask me for enhancements.

    Richard Guest

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    Default Batch Processing

    Wanting to change the resolution of some photos--- copies of course--- for email I used "batch' command.Opened the files>convert image size,(left blank Width-Height)>resolution=72,(did not Rename files),destination="my pictures",>OK.
    When I re-opened the files I found that the resolution(s) had not changed from thier original values.I repeated the excercise 3 or 4 time with the same results.I'm certain I'm missing something here.SOS! Guest

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    Have you been able to do this before? Judging from your post, I can't see what you did wrong.

    You might try deleting the Preference folder to see if that clears it up. With Elements closed, click on the start up icon and make a quick grab for the (Win) Control, Alt, and Shift keys (Mac) Command, Option, and Shift. Hold all three down until you get a screen asking if you want to delete the Settings. Say Yes.

    Now at the risk of creating another storm, I'd like to suggest that instead of changing the resolution you change the image size instead. If you want to e-mail pictures and have them be easily viewable, the size in pixels is more important than the resolution. A width of 600 is usually a safe one, and then let the height default to whatever it comes up as with Constrain Proportions checked.

    If you want to e-mail these pictures to someone who might want to print them, you should send them at a higher resolution anyway. I'm sure other people will weigh in. :)

    Post back and let us know if deleting the Preferences worked. If it didn't we'll have to come up with a better idea. Guest

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    Beth H.
    Oh Boy! Tried the "Quick Grab",and got this---"Scratch Disk Preferences?"I perused the references and I now have an understanding of "scratch-disk";which is to say ,I have no idea .
    I just got back from a very intense 6 hour class re Elements,and I posed the same ? to the instructor(this guy got his first computer in 1970).He told me this--Size does matter,but--so does rez--so we smallered an image and sent it.Everything OK,but the same ? came up; Why can't I do this using the "batch command?".We tried the command on the classroom computers,and it worked just fine. He reviewed my work flow and said it was appropriate. Sooo,the ? remains.
    OT--I Learned a technique referred to as "glamorizing",(OMG),which involves Gaussian Blurring in a layer ,and then using the eraser tool to do away with some of the blurring.Very sriking effect.I'm thinking of using this to make me look 60 again. Guest

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    Default Re: Batch Processing

    Did you ever delete the Preference folder like I suggested? What you want to do clearly works on another computer, which leaves open the chance there's a corruption in the Preference folder on yours. This isn't at all uncommon, although no one has come up with a good explanation about the cause. Guest

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    I tried to delete The Pref folder as you suggested,with the "Quick Grab",and as I said,I got the "scratch disk preferences" thingie.
    OMG; "corruption";"not at at all uncommon"; "no good explanation",???.
    I think it is time for hot chocolate,a big brownie,and tuck into bed.Winter here in Wisconia is starting waaay to soon. AM this morn=16 Degrees F.
    PS--I am proposing a change in nomenclature for some of the "traditional" digital terminology,- for those of us (30%-40%) of households) who now own digital cameras;--- let us try this."Resolution"should be replaced with this term,--"density". This suggestion is based on the fact that the term "resolution" has a multitude of meanings,few of which have(has) anything to do with an understanding of the digital processing of images.It is the density of pixels which matters. Also,the so-called "image size",is a great mystery to most novices--me included.It should be rightly called"Content"--that is ,how many pixels are we dealing with? Guest

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    Never had it happened before,but I got dumped off of the forum.
    Maybe my treatise is too radical.I attended an 8 hour class on PE2 today,and, newbie as I am,I was still able to help a few folks thru some of the basics of PE2 .
    The thing that most folks said was this---"Image Size","Dimensions","Resolution"?? What is this all about? And it hit me--These terms are not reality for the 35-40% of the households whom now have digital cameras! So I tried to say;Image Size is nothing more than the Content in terms of pixels;Resolution is the Density of those pixels; and the Dimension(s),is simply how the pixels are arrayed,(WxH).Why can't we dump those out -of-date terms? and just say that an image has a content of X number of pixels,with a density of X pixels per,arrayed in particular format .
    I have a feeling that this is far too simplistic and that I have over stepped my brain -freeze again. Guest

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