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Bernheim <> wrote:
> Tom Harrington <> wrote:
> > It'll be slow but it'll work. Installation can be tricky on these Macs,
> > but once the install is complete, everything seems to work fine.
> Disconnect all the external drives and any cards other than your Radeon
> card before trying to install. The installer is quite picky on the beige
> G3. Also do 10.2 as it is much better than 10.1 and much more
> responsive.
> I have a similar system, but have added a four port USB card with four
> separate USB controllers, and a USB 2.0 and Firewire card as well as the
> Radeon Video card and am running 2 17 inch monitors. I aslo upgraded to
> a 400 MHz G4 processor. I also added a CD Rom burner to replace the
> noisy Apple CD Rom drive. Can oly burn audio CD's at 8x and data at 12x
> due to bus limitations even though the drive is capable of going much
> faster.
> OS 10.2.5 is great on the beige G3 if you do the upgrades.
> Ross Bernheim
I tried a Radeon 7000 with my Beige G3 (OWC G4/466 upgrade) and it
crashed bad in 9 and OS X 10.2.x, even with formatting it before
installation, and tried installing X with the card out, and adding it
later. I've read about other G4 + Radeon 7000 conflicts. Have you had
any problems with the Radeon?