jt august <starsabreatt.net> wrote in message news:<starsabre-889CA3.00324917062003netnews.worldnet.att.net>...
> I have again tried to update from OS
> 9.0 to OS 9.1, and the upgrade installer gets so far and then hangs,
> usually with about three minutes to go.
> I am at a loss on this one, and would appreciate some guidance on this.
Experienced the same thing yesterday, it solidly hung after updating
the disk driver (or if I un-checked that in options it hung after ysing
the file system), made me quite crazy.

Finally found a solution via Google in the de.comp.sys.mac.* groups:

# copy the content of the disk-image (or from your CD) to a folder
# on your HD and delete the file "CleanupApp" in "Software/UpgraderFiles".
# unmount the Image (or CD) and install from the folder on disk.
# Ignore the warnings through installation.

Worked like a champ for me.