Design your navigation bar, (i think you're working in Dreamweaver) when you
finish select it, then make it a Library.
Libraries must be inserted in the pages that you want.

On this way, when you want to make a change in your design you have to do in
the library and Dreamweaver will update all the pages that contain your
navigation bar
Information about libraries can be found in Dreamweaver's help

Regards form México City

"Fishkid" <> escribió en el mensaje
> I'm a beginner!
> What's the best way to make a navigation bar that appears the same way on
every page of a web site? if i make changes to the navigation bar
it changes automatically on each i use frames?......or a
template?......or css?....or wot?......i don't have a clue!!!.....could
someone give me some rough pointers so i don't do it the wrong
way!........many thanks!
> Fishkid.