I'm looking for 20 beta testers for both the Mac and PC versions of SpamSlam
v2.0. SpamSlam is a revolutionary spam eliminating tool. Here's how it

SpamSlam uses a combination of a statistical spam filter (better than
Bayesian), a challenge-response system, whitelists, blacklists, and Rules.

Messages that are sent from whitelisted addresses are automatically
released. Messages sent from blacklisted addresses are automatically

If a message matches the criteria of a rule (e.g. Release all messages
containing a Reply-To of <realbasic-nuglists.realsoftware.com>) then that
message is processed accordingly.

(All released messages have their contents added to the spam filter's
database of legitimate emails)

Failing these two mechanisms, incoming messages from unknown senders are
scored using the spam filter, where a score near 0 indicates legitimate
email and a score near 1 indicates spam. All messages that fall in the
middle of that range (the 'maybe' emails) are issued challenges. If the
sender replies to the challenge in the specified time-frame, he is
whitelisted and his messages are released. All future messages from this
email address will be immediately released as well. If the challenge
bounces, then the original message is added to the spam filter's spam
database. You can also manually add messages to the spam filter's spam

Finally, you download all released (non-spam) messages to your email client
by checking SpamSlam's built-in POP3 server.

What makes SpamSlam special?
- Support for both POP3 and IMAP accounts.
- Because SpamSlam runs its own server, you need only one copy of SpamSlam
to protect an entire LAN from unwanted email.
- Built-in SMTP Proxy Server automatically adds the recipients of emails you
send to your whitelist, allowing them to email you freely.
- SpamSlam's spam filter uses technology that's proven to be much more
effective than the Bayesian filtering used by competitors (SpamFire, for
- SpamSlam's spam filter automatically trains itself since the
challenge/response system quickly weeds out spams. Once trained, the
challenge/response system is hardly ever used, except in the rare case in
which an incoming message can't be classified as either spam or legitimate
- SpamSlam is compatible with all email clients.

But won't SpamSlam's challenge/response system automatically validate my
email address to spammers, since the challenge/response system replies to
some messages?
- The answer is a resounding "NO." Spammers use fake email addresses 99.9%
of the time, meaning the challenge will bounce, the sender will be
blacklisted, and the message will be blocked and added to SpamSlam's filter

Whew. That's the run-down on SpamSlam v2.0. If you'd like to test it, please
send me an email. You must be prepared to send reports. Testers that report
at least 5 bugs will be given a free 5-account license. We have both Mac and
Windows builds for testing.