This may or may not help. but the TimeTracker Sample App that can be
downloaded w/ Source Code on [url][/url] uses this on every datagrid
and dropdownlist it uses, so its a really good sample to work from.

Hope that helps.


Kevin A. Etchison

"Jim French" <> wrote in message
> I would like to bind an ArrayList to a Repeater control. What is the
> I need to use on the client side. So, right now, I have this:
> <asp:Repeater ID=Repeater2 OnItemDataBound="Repeater2_OnItemDataBound"
> Runat=server>
> <ItemTemplate>
> nbsp;&nbsp;-- <a
> onclick="'addressaddcasedis play.aspx?id=<%#
> Container.DataItem %>');" href="#"><%# Container.DataItem%></a>
> </ItemTemplate>
> </asp:Repeater>
> If I wanted to, say, have the Key field as the id parameter of the
> statement, how would I write it?
> Thank you,
> Jim