I have recently moved my site to a new server: CobaltRaQ4 (don't ask - its what I could get afford for now)..which we then upgraded to php4.3.2 & MySQL 4.0.14

Now most of my scripts are working just fine (phpBB specifically), but I'm having difficulties with phpMyAdmin 2.5.2 running BROWSE/SELECT commands. It will let me SEARCH the database as ROOT but when I click on BROWSE, I get a blank response.
Now I have been able to BROWSE through MySQLTool & Webmin so it appears to be something funny about phpMyAdmin and MySQL 4.0.14
I've also found some other scripts that just worked are now dropping variables and I'm havinf to edit code frantically to get it running again.

I'm also having troubles running the WYSIWYG MX editor. Specifically in the Application:Bindings window where I created a recordset (simple SELECT * FROM table) and if I click TEST I get a BLANK warning screen with the OK button. Underneath the recordset name I see
"MM_Error: " And nothing behind it (blank as the dialog box that comes up). SO now this makes me think I have a problem with DW MX and MySQL 4.0.14 or at least I'm seeing the same porblems.

However the script will run correctly as viewed by the LIVE DATA VIEW.

BTW..I'm on a MacOSX but a SysAdmin who is helping me sees the same problems on a PC through a browser.
BTW2..DW MX works fine with my client sites on a different server (Non Cobalt - MySQL 3.23.54)

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