I am working on a project to push data from a server to a flex chart drawing
application. However each chart needs to run as its own page. Up til now I've
been using messaging and creating a single flex app to consume the data when it
comes and to draw the chart. But I need this to be done separately for
multiple charts. So my question has two parts:

1) How do I get the server to spawn a new instance of my chart app for each
chart dynamically (because over time, the java app will be defining new charts)
2) How do I send the chart data only to the specific application that is
dedicated to drawing that chart? (right now, I've been defining the message
channel in the xml config files and I obviously can't create a new channel
definition for each separate chart dynamically as new charts definitions are
created and requested by users)

I hope that makes sense. I'd really appreciate help on this since I am really
uncertain how to proceed with this from here.