Hi there,

I am new to 3d in director.

I want to create a small speedboat that will be used for navigation in a cd
I would like the boat to look and behave like the one in the Tombraider
computer game:

The rear of the boat will always be towards the viewer. The boat will be able
to veer/turn a little left and a little right.
the boat can speed up a little and slow down a little.
I would like the boat to highlight points of interest along the banks of the
river it will be cruising in:
i.e. when it gets close to an option the user can select, that option will
glow or something.

Now then, what is the easiest way to do this?
I don't need it to be to the high level of such a computer game but would like
it to look nice.

Should I use flash animation within director? and when the flash sprite
encounters the other sprites in the flash movie the flash movie passes a result
to director telling it what the user chose?

or is the director 3d route the better way to go?

I look forward to any advice you can offer. tutorials, links etc.