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Bounding Box problem - Adobe Photoshop Elements

I am creating a shape and want to save it as a bitmap file, but I can't eliminate the white areas in the bounding box outside of the shape which is a rounded rectangle. How do I get the shape only without the extra color in the corners?...

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    Default Bounding Box problem

    I am creating a shape and want to save it as a bitmap file, but I can't eliminate the white areas in the bounding box outside of the shape which is a rounded rectangle. How do I get the shape only without the extra
    color in the corners?
    Jack R. Schultz Guest

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    Default Re: Bounding Box problem


    On a copy...
    Without the bounding box, did you try selecting the white area with the magic wand and hitting the keyboard delete?
    Nancy S Guest

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    Default Re: Bounding Box problem

    Crop only does rectanges - right
    Bitmap doesn't have much to do with it - as I can save it as any format or copy it
    and paste to PP and have the same problem. I don't know if elements has this capability ???
    Jack R. Schultz Guest

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    Default Re: Bounding Box problem


    You don't have a layer underneath which is white do you? After selecting the white corners and deleting, you should have the blue checkboard pattern denoting transparency. However, all images are rectangular, it just doesn't appear so if transparency exists. Maybe you need a vector program, rather than PSE which is rastor.
    Nancy S Guest

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    Default Re: Bounding Box problem

    Jack, I think Elements can do what you want - which emphasis on "think." Maybe a little bit more information could get us on the right track.

    First, is this something you're creating from scratch, or are you modifying an existing image? The reference to cropping kind of threw me.

    If you have something that needs transparency outside of your image, you'll have to work in a format that supports transparency.

    So, more details, and I think the group can come up with a process that will work for what you want.
    Beth Haney Guest

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    Default Re: Bounding Box problem

    Thanks again guys
    To clarify - I am creating a rectangular shape with rounded corners. Eventually I want this to be a bitmap button for another application. I can't seem to lose the white color in the area in the corners of the bounding box. Even if i save it as a photo type file (not Bitmap)
    I also test it by copying and pasting to Powerpoint or loading the photo type file
    I will test all the suggestions shortly
    Thanks for the responses - will let you know what the results are.
    Jack R. Schultz Guest

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    Default Re: Bounding Box problem

    Bob's suggestion will clear the part outside of the bounding box, but not the little white areas between the image and the bounding box border. They are inside the bounding box. That's the problem. I'm trying to save the image only, a rectangle with rounded corners, and I don't want the area outside the rounded corners.
    Thanks again
    Jack R. Schultz Guest

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    Default Re: Bounding Box problem


    All you have to do is adjust the selection.

    There are many ways to get a selection. For what you want to do, I would
    recommend using the shape tool (4th icon down the left side on the tool bar
    (pse 2.0)). Move the cursor over that icon and if the shape tool isn't the
    rounded rectangle tool, click and hold the left mouse button and select the
    rounded rectangle tool from the popup menu. With that tool selected, adjust
    the corner radius on the options menu to what you want and draw the shape on
    the image just like you would do using the rectangular marquee.

    The rounded rectangle will be placed on a layer of its own. Don't worry
    about that or that it's opaque. Clear any existing selection (crtl D) then
    move the cursor over the shape layer in the layer palette, press and hold
    the ctrl key and left mouse click. That will select the outline of the
    rounded rectangle. Now click the eye symbol of the shape layer to make it
    invisible. Reverse the selection (shift crtl I) and delete the area like
    you did before. You should now have a rounded rectangular section


    RobertHJones Guest

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    Default Re: Bounding Box problem


    Do you mean that you want to save the shape so that the boundaries of the
    image conform to the rounded corners?

    If so, I don't believe it is possible... aren't all digital images
    rectangular arrays of pixels? I think you'll have to end up using an image
    type that supports transparency, or pre-color your corners to match the
    eventual background.

    Or, I may have absolutely no idea....


    Byron Gale Guest

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    Default Re: Bounding Box problem

    Beth - yes it has to be a bitmap in the ned - but it won't even save as a PSx

    BOB - Everything went well - except for the last step. I used the magic wand and del, but I got a msg 'could not complete because the target layer is hidden'.
    Are you saying I should do the change mode thing? I didn't this time.
    Thanks for all the help so far.
    It seems a lot of people think it can't be done (like me) anyway the Dbacks just beat the Cubs! Somebody wins.
    Jack R. Schultz Guest

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    Default Re: Bounding Box problem

    Nothing works..........
    I don't think elements has this capability!
    Thanks for all the help anyway.
    Jack R. Schultz Guest

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