I'm coding a webpage that uses javascript for a dynamic menu; this
works fine on all browsers I tried (on PC and GNU/Linux) and it works
on Safari/Mozilla on the Mac side. Only Mac-IE chokes on it. I have
no Mac on hand to do trial-and-error, and I badly want to make it
work, I wonder:

* Do you know about DOM functions that are badly implemented/broken on
* Is there any known trouble with widths when boxes are generated

I've read
[url]http://www.xs4all.nl/%7Eppk/js/browsers5.html#ie5mac[/url] but could not
find anything wrong- is there a better resource?

The page I'm working on is [url]http://journeesdelaculture.qc.ca/[/url] and the
defective script is located at

I'd be grateful for any pointer as I'm mostly working blindly.