Using FH9.02 and Win 2k.
Here's an interesting and annoying 'feature'.
Sometimes I'm working on a job with a mixture of text and pics.
The customer has a printed proof, but wants minor changes. I make the changes, but then, thinking I'm really clever, I send the customer the alts like this: I put a rectangle around the altered part. Fill with a transparent lens fill. Select "Snapshot" so that the rectangle has an exact copy of what's underneath (which is a small portion of the whole thing). Copy Special to Photoshop, resize to something sensible, copy and paste into an email and send to client. (All of this is quicker and easier to do than to explain - trust me!).
And now the bug. When the rectangle is deleted, sometimes the text beneath changes size, or is squashed up so the letters overlap. And the real kicker - "Undo" has no effect! The text has to be completely re-set from scratch!

This interesting effect can be seen at [url][/url]