I think i saw this thread on another group. yes it is a problem though
microsoft hasn't doented it yet. Would you mind doenting it?

"Slem" <jonslemhotmail.com> wrote in message
> There's a bug in VS.NET Debugger
> apperantly, if you are debugging an application and
> stepping through the code. When you stop the debugging
> process, the code continues to run.
> I don't know if happens in VS.NET 2003 IDE.
> I have a function that call another fuction. I'm stepping
> through the code in the second function. I stop the
> debugging process. After the second function is ran and
> return control back to the first function, the first
> function is supposed to update some records in the
> database. This update occurs even after I stop the debug
> process in the second function.
> Now, is this by design, in case there was a database
> connection open or is this a bug in debugger?
> very ironic!
> Thanks,
> Slem