I have a table that is sorted & grouped aplhabetically by 'equipment names'.
Under each 'Equipment Name' all of the jobs are listed.

Since the list becomes quite large during use, I made a table at the top of
the page that reads all of the "equipment names" and displays them one after
another as hyperlinks to jump to the top of that section (bookmark) on the same

The problem with the current method is it displays the first 4 h-links from
left to right, then new row for the next 4, etc. to the end of the recordset.
There are two reasons I am looking for a differant solution:
1. The users would like to see the list read in columns instead of rows.
There are normally 3 or 4 with an equipment name where only the last character
is differant (like: 10CM4XA, 10CM4XB, 10CM4XC, etc.) then a new name like
(like: 19MNXA, 19MNXB, 19MNXC, etc.) . This repeats for about 15 - 30
diffearant equipment name.

The It also takes up a great deal of realestate at the top of the screen.

What I am trying to do is read the 'Equipment Names' and display them in a
select box and when the user either selects it or clicks on it, it will jump
to the bookmark on the page.