If your external references are used in multiple applications it probably
makes sense to register them in the GAC (Global Assembly Cache) That's where
all the other .dlls are (such as the "System" namespace etc.).

To do so is pretty simple. Here's a good article about it:


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"Vishy" <> wrote in message
> Hi everyone,
> I use Visual Studio .NET 2003 to develop an ASP.NET Web application. Our
> application has a fair number of external references (custom controls) and
> we have a hard time getting all the references to point to the right
> Has someone here successfully configured their build properties so that
> external references can all be put in one directory, separate from the
> project's bin directory? I am thinking of something like a lib
> in most *nix-style deployments. I am aware I can _deploy_ my application
> with a lib directory if necessary. What I'm asking is if this is possible
> from build settings.
> Thanks,
> Vishy.