Ian Wilson <scobloke2infotop.co.uk> wrote in message news:<bi29kq$77k$1titan.btinternet.com>...
> I'm looking into extending an existing application on OSR5 so that it
> sends generated doents to another company using XML/SOAP/HTTPS
> instead of print & post.
> I've created some simple SOAP-clients and SOAP-services on Linux using
> Perl + SOAP-Lite + Crypt-SSLeay (for HTTPS support). Ideally, I would
> like to be able to use the same toolset on OSR5. However I'm not sure
> that all the prerequisites are easily available for OSR505/6/7?
They are now. As part of SCO's SCOx project, web services support
(meaning SOAP/XML/HTTPS) is being added to both OSR5 and UW7.
Five languages are supported: Java, C, C++, Perl, and PHP.
The Perl support includes the technologies you mentioned (SOAP::Lite,
and Crypt::SSLeay).

See [url]http://www.sco.com/scox/[/url] for more, in particular the download
link on the right.
> Q. Any suggestions or recommendations for OSR5 tools & runtime support
> to enable creation & deployment of SOAP clients. Ideally Perl, maybe Java?
As stated above, five different languages are supported. Which you pick
is up to you. Java is powerful and flexible for web service clients,
but Perl is very succinct. If you are extending an existing application
to make web service calls, then the language of that application might
become the determining factor.

Jonathan Schilling