This morning I successfully upgraded a module using the CPAN shell
utility. In the course of doing so, I saw a message saying that a new
version of the utility was available to which I could "seamlessly
upgrade" by calling "install Bundle::CPAN".

When I attempted to do so, however, I got this error message:

The bundle file "\.cpan\Bundle\" may be a broken
bundlefile. It seems not to contain any bundle definition.
Please check the file and if it is bogus, please delete it.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Since I didn't have any idea as to what would make this file 'bogus',
I first tried deleting it and re-running "install Bundle::CPAN". I
then got this error message:

Could not open '\.cpan\Bundle\': No such file or directory
at ...

Any suggestions as to how I should proceed? This is Perl 5.8.0 for
MSWin32-x86-multithread (ActivePerl binary build 806). Thanks in

Jim Keenan