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Buy Out?? - Macromedia ColdFusion

So, I read that Adobe bought Macromedia ... does anyone know what this will do to CF?...

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    Default Buy Out??

    So, I read that Adobe bought Macromedia ... does anyone know what this will do to CF?
    nevermindthat Guest

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    Default Re: Buy Out??

    nevermindthat wrote: 

    No one except the execs I suppose, but Adobe did release investor
    relations doents and CF is featured prominently in their discussion
    of enterprise software.


    Matt Woodward
    Team Macromedia - ColdFusion
    mpwoodward Guest

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    Default Re: Buy Out??

    This is such a hard question to answer! Lots of debates and tensions have been
    raised in the last couple of years as coldfusion becomes more and more a
    ?passed over? web platform. (Ben Forta made note of this in a recent blog, that
    cf was often not even considered by many companies)

    I seriously don?t think that the Adobe buyout is really the point ? this
    should be largely transparent. I don?t think Adobe could really do any worse or
    better than MM. The point is the competition and the amount of adoption and
    promotion of it.

    I wouldn?t worry too much about the buyout ? if cf succeeds or fails I think
    it would have done so with or without the buyout ever occurring. It?s the
    Pythons, PHP?s, .NET?s and Java?s of this world that threaten its relevance and
    uptake. It?s just getting damned hard to build a strong case for it, or at
    least a business case that beats the others!

    This may not neccasarrily mean it will become ?defunct? as many are
    suggesting, just a bit more an ?alternate? choice from the big guys. It also
    seems to be quite regional and clicky with cf - you can see entire countries
    largely considering it dead and gone and then you get others that are filled
    with hot spots of cf work, particuallry in the states. So I highly doubt cf
    will completely go away while Adobe have enough marketing power to reach people
    and manage to not let the platform get too far behind with respect to
    innovation and keeping up with the other guys.

    My two predictions, casin' your interested - next two years we will have
    either one of the following - open source coldfusion or (both
    even?) I doubt cf will not live on in numbers of any real worth lest something
    fairly major happens - the "java" switch was great, problem in one respect is
    that java developers are a pretty serious bunch and most of them are not really
    keen to use something like coldfusion. (though not vica versa) The .NET crowd
    will be much more open to it.

    Andley Guest

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    Default Re: Buy Out??

    ....and the weenie troll dance continues.
    PaulH Guest

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    Default Re: Buy Out??

    As does the childish disruption and distaste for those with a different opinion from your own.

    You've had your say, I've had mine. Leave it there. Thanks.
    Andley Guest

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    Default Re: Buy Out??


    If you call Andy out before 2 or more of his personalities have an opportunity
    to chime in, you greatly reduce my enjoyment of his narcissistic ramblings.
    Please try to wait until multiple Andy personalities have discussed each
    others' comments prior to busting him to maximize my reading pleasure.

    Iceborer Guest

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    Default Re: Buy Out??

    Originally posted by: PaulH
    ....and the weenie troll dance continues.

    Dude, are you actually with Macromedia? Because if you are ... you should be fired.
    nevermindthat Guest

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    Default Re: Buy Out??

    Dude, are you actually with Macromedia? Because if you are ... you should
    be fired.

    these macromedia guys are seem to fight all the time with people - it is not
    good for a image or look of them. i think just one person create the
    confusion and try to spoil talking - it is not macromedia so may not be
    fired for volunteer only.

    rayBan Guest

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    Default Re: Buy Out??

    >> Dude, are you actually with Macromedia? Because if you are ... you should be

    probably best to judge PaulH on his typical posts, not the ones in which he
    addresses me. (you will see him in a different light and I would imagine form
    an entirely different opinion)

    Andley Guest

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    Default Re: Buy Out??

    It's still unprofessional and unbecoming of and adult human being. I personally wouldn't represent myself that way towards anyone, no matter how much I disliked them.
    nevermindthat Guest

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    Default Re: Buy Out??

    Whats funny about the last couple of posts is that nevermindthat is probably one of Andy's personalities.
    JakeFlynn Guest

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    Default Re: Buy Out??

    >>Whats funny about the last couple of posts is that nevermindthat is probably
    one of Andy's personalities.

    Hey Nevermindthat, you are now being called non existsent, or a figment of
    someones imagination. If you thought the MM volunteer was rude, what do you
    think of this JakeFlynn guy (lets hope he is not a rep of MM also1)

    JakeFlynn, I think this kind of comment is designed only to goad and cause
    further disruption in the forum. Or, put another way, it's of no help to those
    of us interested in coldfusion. It's exactly thie kind of thing the originl
    poster was complaining about - so why aggravate him and / or the situation?

    If you have some information about nevermind that that you would like to
    share, anything at all to suggest that he is non existent, let us know.
    Otherwise, thanks for the input and lets leave it there.

    Andley Guest

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    Default Re: Buy Out??

    yeah I guess it is - my only real issue with this kind of behaviour is that it
    may well be warranted in some cases, but other folk can't see the full picture.
    I tend to think that if you were representing MM it would be better all round
    not to risk looking aggressive and rude if you thought that this is exactly how
    it appear - agressive and rude.

    In this case I think its a little stranger still as this person even had
    plenty of indications that he is being percieved in such a way, but still
    persisted with such behaviour. I think he got it eventually. (fingers crossed)

    Andley Guest

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    Default Re: Buy Out??

    so instead of discussing the actual topic... whether or not CF will
    indeed survive... it gets turned into a debate on whether or not a
    internet 'handle' is a real person or merely a extra account for
    another person that likes to argue with themselves (probably a pisces).

    I think it's kind of interesting that people keep asking whether or not
    CF will survive when no one knows the future, even adobe execs. They
    may have this great plan for CF to take over the world... but it could
    fail miserably, kinda like LiveMotion and Now AfterEffects (although AF
    slowly died thanks to apple).

    Last bit... even if this person does belong to MM... they won't for
    long. Investors just approved the merger, so now it's up to the FTC
    right? right?

    downtroden Guest

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    Default Re: Buy Out??

    I want to be rude, the Austrialan I-know-it-all should not infect my user group
    anymore. Regards if you are right or wrong, I don't like your opinion anymore,
    nor your effort to outsmart anybody in your replies and showing you are a
    politician in your replies. Get a life, stop doing this, I really thought of
    Australians to have learned the word balance. You win, you are the best, now
    please go away.

    Hanno1962 Guest

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    Default Re: Buy Out??

    >>I want to be rude

    Thats fine - but why "infect" our newsgroup with your rudeness?

    Who are you - dictator of some small country or something? Do we need to check
    with you prior to posting? Just to make sure you approve of our opinions or if
    you like them or not? Assuming you are not God, stop acting like you are!
    politician in your replies

    eh!!?? outsmart who? Politician? Man, what are you talking about??

    Whats that got to do with me? I am not Australian.

    Yes sir! Can you send me an email when I am allowed to come back again please?

    Andley Guest

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    Default Re: Buy Out??

    So, can anyone give me a good reason as to why they don't like A.J. ? And I don't mean any of this "because he's stupid" crap ... I mean a real, all out reason based on fact followed by evidence.
    nevermindthat Guest

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    Default Re: Buy Out??

    So, can anyone give me a good reason as to why they don't like A.J. ?

    I see that he talk to the macromedia volunteer people in way that coldfusion
    has some problems and they get mad. but i do not see why they can care as
    much as it is not a big deal for them. also aj seems to say good and bad in
    proper opinion and not to cause a problem.

    they say he has done the posting with another alias and cause the trouble
    for them - sorry i cannot see why they say and neither show any of the
    evidence you ask for and cannot make sense of things that are said.

    "nevermindthat" <com> wrote in message

    rayBan Guest


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